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The future of hearing

A computer in every ear

Sonical is revolutionizing the way we hear.  In the same way you use apps on your phone, Sonical is putting apps in your ears.


To make this possible we are designing and building the world’s first ear computer that has the capabilities and performance for next generation ear worn products.  To make our intuitive platform accessible we are creating EarOS to unlock thousands of existing and new developers.


Our ear worn solutions will enable everyone to have a personalized hearing experience and to control how they hear the world using AI and advanced audio processing.


Sonical enables apps for your ears. End users select how they hear the world. App developers are given direct access to the consumer to deliver a truly differentiated experience, exactly what they need, when they need it.

Personalized hearing experience

Our ears are unique and deserve more than wireless audio streaming. The Sonical platform unlocks innovation for the ear.

Binaural - using two ears

We have two ears that work together to make sense of the world around us. Sonical technology is built to deliver an immersive binaural experience.


The Sonical Advantage

Apps for the ear

The Team

We bring decades of experience in developing technology for the ear

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Heading 5

25 years - Audio innovations

  • CEO – Audicus consulting

  • PhD – binaural hearing

  • 100s millions of products

Gary Spittle

Solution Architect

Sonical - FR PHOTO.png

25 years - Digital mixed signal design

  • ASIC development

  • Audio processors

  • Full development cycle

Fred Raynal


Sonical - BH PHOTO.png

20 years - ultra low power silicon


  • Tiny embedded solutions

  • Multichannel audio

  • High performance

Ben Hoomes


Sonical - ML PHOTO.png

25 years - Pro and Consumer Audio

  • Research and Innovation

  • Technology Strategy

  • PhD - Computer Science 

  • VR/AR/XR Systems

Michael Lee


Sonical - AH PHOTO.png

30 years - Product Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain

  • >10 Patents

  • >150 Products

Andrew Healy



Sonical - WL PHOTO.png

20 years - Audio products


  • Audio DSP

  • Edge compute

  • Machine learning

Weiming Li



What People are Saying

The industry is ready to make the change

"Immersive binaural sound is the future of our hearing products"

"The Sonical platform gives us access to audio processing technology that has been unavailable until now"

"Delivering apps directly to our users massively improves our business strategy"

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